How AR Can Benefit Construction

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AR, or augmented reality, can enhance the real world as opposed to virtual reality or VR that just simulates a new one. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how countless models can benefit all industries, construction and engineering being only a few of them. AR can increase the effectiveness of any construction team, and companies are already working with it for training worldwide. Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at how AR can benefit the construction industry internationally.

Increasing Accuracy and Pinpointing Details:

Construction projects are often very demanding in terms of accuracy, and slight mistakes with measurements or details can really increase expenses in an uncontrolled way. Having this in mind, AR gives companies the ability to “perform” certain activities beforehand, and to see measurements and details highlighted in real time on site thanks to augmented reality elements. Professionals can therefore receive additional data to help them to navigate their projects, avoiding costly mistakes in the process.

AR Granting Super-Human Powers to Your Construction Team:

AR has the ability to render each component of the construction project, and to render instructions on the spot for people to look at in a non-intrusive and helpful way. This will save both time and money, reducing costs while maximizing the workforce’s output. 3D modelling can also be applied to the AR program in order to build upon the real world, making certain details pop out and allowing the professionals to see plumbing and wiring without the need to drill or peek inside walls (even destroying them). Remember that AR is all about building virtual details and elements over the real world, so the possibilities are endless – giving your whole team “X-RAY” vision is only one of the many features you can count upon AR to provide you.

No Need for Drawings or Tables:

The vision of an architect or engineer examining countless blueprints on a table, whilst trying to imagine in their mind how it will look in reality will soon be a thing of the past. Architects and engineers will be able to take all of the guesswork out and actually visualise plans displayed with accuracy, providing them with a level of detail and immersion their imagination could never have given them. They can also “write” or highlight certain details in those detailed models to share that with the rest of the crew, enabling a “next-level” communication process to happen and allowing custom built projects to be tackled with a higher degree of confidence. You can even show the finished project to the client before they give you the “go ahead”.

In Conclusion:

For all of these things, you can be sure that AR or augmented reality is one of the best tech advances we have witnessed in the construction industry for quite some time. This technology reduces errors, grants people the power to visualize things they had to imagine before, enables a cooperation level between different company branches that was never seen before and hastens construction efforts while reducing their costs. For this and other variables, we advise you to keep AR under watch.