How To Use Virtual Reality When You Wear Glasses?

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Virtual Reality Glasses

There are a lot of people wearing glasses who simply love Virtual Reality and want to know how to properly enjoy it. If you’re one of these, then we have some tips for you.


There are a lot of people who wear glasses and feel that Virtual Reality can’t possibly be for them. Some of them never tried it, while some others tried those mobile VR headsets who are a little on the low budget side and now they’re convinced VR is just a distant dream.

Rest assured there are ways people with glasses can enjoy virtual reality, and we have some tips on helping you get the right solution.

Don’t Remove Your Glasses: Resist the Urge to Get Them Out of the Way

First of all, let’s start with a basic recommendation – no matter how “good” you see without your glasses, never remove them while using VR.

We know a lot of people who remove their glasses to get them out of the way, but you shouldn’t do that. What initially looks to be more comfortable will soon enough prove to be a bad thing to do.

For starters, you’re putting a lot of strain on your eyes thanks to being so close to the screen with a defective eye sight. This can worsen your condition or give you some massive headaches.

As for another argument, the many times experienced motion sickness that hits some people when they’re using VR is sure to pop out.

Your body, connecting the fact that you are seeing motion when you’re not moving and the fact that you have blurred vision, however, this is a natural reaction, So, do not be alarmed with the effect experienced by some who wear the glasses for the first time.

Make Sure You Spend Some Time Fitting the VR Headset:

Another thing that you need to know is that it is important to allow for some extra time for adjusting to the VR Headset.

While others can just put it on and play, you need to ensure you’re fitted.

The glasses you wear will make a bit of extra distance between the VR headset and the face, and that will more often than not lead in a small gap.

Adjusting the VR headset can ensure that gap does not affect your viewing and fits on perfectly and stays on to minimize the impact it has on your experience.

No matter how thrilled you are, never cut corners and spend the required time fiddling with the VR Headset’s straps and fits in order to have a lasting and gratifying experience.

Clean Your Glasses With Water and Soap Before Using:

One of the main problems people with glasses face is that their vision gets blurry fast because they will inadvertedly touch their glasses with their eyelids thanks to the VR Headset’s pressure.

This makes it so our skin’s natural oil greases the glass, giving you blurred vision and a foggy experience.

To minimize this, you should wash your glasses with water and soap before using the headset, not only ensuring it is clean but also making it harder for the grease to connect to the glass and stick, giving you an overall better experience and ensuring you see clearly.

You can also try to wash the glasses with dishwasher soap as those sometimes have components that repel fat, making it very hard for your eyelids to grease your glasses.

Try to Leave the Gap Towards the Top or the Bottom:

We’ve talked about how a small gap of extra space sometimes is impossible to remove. Well, you can always make sure it affects your experience as little as possible.

One of these tricks is to leave the gap either on top or bottom of your field of vision.

Virtual Reality makes ample use of your peripheral vision, and as far as that goes you’re better off being able to watch the sides than top or bottom.

You’ll also see that the gap of light coming in will make much less difference if it’s on the top or bottom than if it was on one of the sides, in which you would be constantly drawn to it with your eyes.

Try Your VR Headsets Before Buying:

In today’s world, and especially with the COVID-19 Pandemic, you can be tempted to order your VR headset from the Internet, but if you wear glasses, then you should undoubtedly buy them only after testing them yourself.

Some headsets are better than others for glass wearers, and you need to know what works best for you.

This is why buying VR Headsets online isn’t a smart choice for glass wearers, who need to be accommodated especially.

Don’t Save Money When Investing in a VR Headset:

The last thing we’re going to talk about is budget.

From all of the glass wearers who say VR isn’t for them, most of them do this because they have tried an entry-cost headset only.

Quality matters, and by norm we can say the cheaper headsets are those with the worst fit.

The fit, as we have seen above, is one of the most important things when considering a Virtual Reality headset if you wear glasses.

The fit is what prevents you from having a gap or minimizes the gap size, and it’s also what allows your eyelids to be at a sufficient enough distance from the glasses’ lens in order to avoid greasing it up and ruining your experience.

Having said that, this is why we advise you to save up some extra coins in order to invest in a good VR headset that won’t leave you with regrets.

And we’re done.

We hope you now are a bit more optimistic regarding Virtual Reality and your relation to it. If you gave up on VR because you have glasses, consider this guide and try some of these suggestions in order to see if they work for you or not.

Virtual Reality is worth the hassle!