Expand Your Sales Reach With Augmented Reality

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We all know the Holy Grail of business is one thing: Sales! Being your business based around products or services, you always need those numbers to keep it afloat, grow it, reinvest in it or collect your profits. Augmented Reality can help you with that.

Business is all about sales, and this has been the rule of thumb for as long as trading was implemented by early human societies. No matter what you peddle or what your company’s mission is, you can never survive without a steady stream of them.

Throughout this article we will go over why Augmented Reality is a powerhouse of a tool that can skyrocket your sales numbers organically and with the pack of powerful features this and complementary technologies bring onto the table.
Lay back and grab a notebook because we’re about to show you how you can Augment your sales, AR style!

Sales are All About Persuasion: Boost Yours By Speaking From The Right Spot
From the dawn of time, men who want to persuade always looked for the perfect spot to speak from. Being a throne in a castle, to a balcony on a palace, to a place where the rising sun shines in a temple, men know that location matters.
This also happens in business, and that’s why some things said from the right person or from the right location can have added impact.

Augmented Reality enables you to address your audience from the right spot.
You can now talk to your customer directly from your supermarket shelf, or you will very soon as AR apps are being developed on a daily basis and already sport very promising numbers.
When this starts going mainstream, you’ll start seeing brands everywhere, we guarantee it!

Increase Sales By Share of Mind and Share of Heart: Be Seen, Be Felt
There are three variables you should always have in mind as far as sales and promotion strategies are concerned: Share of Mind, Share of Market and Share of Heart.
Share of Market is pretty straightforward, as it’s your market share. Share of mind is how much your leads think about your company, how your brand notoriety levels are.
Finally, Share of Heart is how deeply a lead or client cares about your company in an emotional way.
Augmented Reality can shape how these concepts work out for you. Through AR you can increase your brand notoriety by increasing your presence and through smart AR use on Societal Marketing actions you can increase the positivity of your share of heart as well.

Access Untapped and Yet Segmented Markets: New Opportunities Emerge
Another way AR can help you sell more is simply by giving you access to new markets.
We’ve seen how websites and e-commerce sites have boosted sales throughout the board, and that’s because they represented a new medium to reach consumers.
Augmented Reality also gives you the boon of having a new medium, and this means more potential revenue streams to explore.
This, of course, results in new sales. The amount depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in.

Add An Extra Layer of Service: Added Service Will Increase Your Product or Service’s Value
Another thing to consider if you want to get more sales or bigger sales is the fact that sales reflect the value of your product.
AR will allow you to add extra value to your services or products through the added “reality” you’ll put in the mix.
This value can be taxed through price increases, or you could simply add that value and let it work for yourself organically by bringing you more client satisfaction, referrals and sales.

Build Your Own AR App Portfolio: Pertinent Apps Go a Long Way
You can also expand you sales by the use of your own app portfolio.
If using AR apps to tailor your customers’ and leads’ experiences is a powerful tool, being able to fully customise the whole experience promises to be even better.
If you can invest into having tailor made Augmented Reality apps for your company and your own reality you will have the power to decide everything, which gives you what marketers of old would simply say would be “God Like” powers.

Put the Public Into the Mix: Just Be Careful To Avoid Common Pitfalls
Companies and organizations started using Social Media Platforms to interact with their consumers and potential customers, because studies showed the more the clients were included in the process the better the results would be.
Augmented Reality now promises to overhaul this even further by allowing companies to integrate their leads and potential customers into their experiences and Augmented Realities.
This, of course, brings some pitfalls. We give you as an example every contest made to name some new flavour for a product or to vote for some town for a company event.
Reddit users consistently sabotage those initiatives, and you can easily find out how badly these backfired with a quick Google Search. If you’re curious, you should do it.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways you can harness the power and benefits Augmented Reality offers you to boost your sales, increase your presence and skyrocket your profits.
To do that, you should make sure you are ever present, as being there is going to make or break businesses in this new century.
You should also make sure the public perceives you with the right eyes, and we think Societal Marketing will play a good role in establishing Goodwill towards a brand.
Go the extra mile and build added value into your products and services with this new technology, added value always increases sales.
Finally, make sure you know what you’re doing with a proper Augmented Reality strategy and oriented campaigns to fulfill your strategic goal.
To sum it up, it’s up to you to include your audience, add more layers to your business, innovate in your marketing strategy and turn your company into an efficient and effective well oiled machine.