AR for Education


In the classroom or in the workplace, learning and retaining knowledge is an essential part of everyday life.

We’ve taken learning to the next level, with Live Educare.

Live Educare is a state of the art AR application for the classroom, which allows children and adults to gain a more thorough understanding of the subject matter to make learning new subjects quicker and more enjoyable.

Live Educare

Live Educare amalgamates the latest augmented reality, 3D animation and audio technology, to simplify difficult subjects and help learners digest and retain information more effectively.

Visual elements can be experienced in 3D, with fully interactive models that break down complicated information, opening new possibilities to learners of all ages.

Say goodbye to boring textbooks and baffling manuals. Augmented reality bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, meaning the way we teach, imagine and learn will never be the same again.