We are Avatar Digital, an app development agency, specialising in state-of-the-art augmented reality and virtual reality applications for business.

We develop custom-made AR and VR solutions, tailored specifically for our clients’ business needs. Our augmented reality apps enhance business operations across a range of sectors, from retail and automotive to construction and education.

Whether you’re looking to ignite your users’ imagination, improve operational efficiencies or enhance productivity, we’ll help find the best augmented reality application for you.


Augmented reality (AR) places digital information on top of real life imagery. A user simply points their camera at a real life target, and digital imagery is overlaid onto the image. The versatility of AR means that any object can be used as the trigger, offering endless possibilities for our AR apps.

Augmented reality applications are revolutionising how companies operate, train, create and sell their products and services. Businesses of tomorrow are benefitting from AR today.


Our state-of-the-art AR apps are customised to your unique requirements, to enhance your business.

The immersive benefits of augmented reality can be felt throughout our product offering. Customers can interact with merchandise in their own environment. Users can customise and share products from their own device, and new team members can be onboarded more effectively. In a nutshell, AR opens up opportunities for any business.

In fact, we’re so confident in our AR apps, we’ll even let you give them a test drive.


In the classroom or in the workplace, learning and retaining knowledge is an essential part of everyday life.

We’ve taken learning to the next level, with Live Educare.


Live Estate brings your construction projects to life. This unique application uses the latest augmented reality technology to help builders, architects and engineers transform flat site plans into interactive 3D plans to add unparalleled depth to your next building project.


Live Auto offers dealerships and car brands a revolutionary way of interacting with potential buyers by bringing the showroom to them.
A perfect solution for the time-poor shopper, Live Auto enables users to customise, explore and even virtually test drive vehicles, from the comfort of their own home (or passenger seat).


Augmented reality is made for the retail industry. It brings retail and fashion to life, bringing a tangible shopping experience to customers, so they don’t have to move a muscle.

As consumers use digital services more often to research and experience products the expectations on businesses to meet these needs are increasing.


Trying clothes on is often the only way to be sure they fit – a frustrating risk when ordering online.

Live Wear allows users to visualise how garments will fit their body shape, before they purchase. The multi-vendor platform combines augmented reality with fashion from around the world, giving shoppers inspiration and the confidence to buy.


Vickram Mirchandani

Managing Director

Gurps Nijjar

Digital Director

Augusta Aiken

Sales Director

Jonathan Willis

Product Manager

Jak O'Carroll

Product Manager

Pratik Jani

Finance Director


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