AR and Retail

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Forward-thinking retailers across a number of different industries are integrating the use of AR applications both in-store and online, to create memorable experiences, drive sales and encourage brand awareness. The use of AR helps to distinguish brands from competitors by providing an innovative and user-focused approach. The greater adoption of AR technology by retailers has been driven by a huge change in consumer attitudes and habits, which is outlined below.
  • 40% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if they can experience it with Augmented Reality first.
  • 61% of shoppers prefer stores with Augmented Reality than those without.
  • 71% of shoppers say they would use a store more often if it offered Augmented Reality.

Source: Retail Perceptions

For better and for worse, there has been a massive shift from the high street to the online retail world. Businesses have already started to take the next step in developing their online offering as more and more consumers choose to shop in this way. Technologies such as AR have grown in importance and have helped to dissolve the barriers to buy online – often inherent when purchasing complex products through the internet. Being able to keep up with the customer-centric purchase journey is the key to running a successful, 21st century business. Here at Avatar Digital we specialise in bringing this new method of shopping to you and your customers with expertise and passion. Allow your customer to become inspired by your products through our range of AR apps optimised to your needs.