“Live Room brings the aspirations of the showroom into shoppers’ homes. Using the power of augmented reality (AR), shoppers can virtually see how the furniture will look within a certain space, creating accessible interior inspirations.”


  • Ar for Live Room
  • White labelled solution
    1. Fully customised to your brand.
    2. Custom User journeys to fit your business model.
    3. Integrates with ecommerce solutions.
    4. Modular features to fit budget and requirements.
  • 3D inventory creation
  • fully-customisable 3D product catalogue
  • creating a pre-shopping experience
  • shoppers are able to fully experiment on design caputuring imaginations
  • helps decision making
  • shoppers can buy straight from their visualised design ideas


Discover more about the Live Room app with this step-by-step demo, as the user chooses furniture for their new room in augmented reality, inspiring them to go on and purchase the furniture in real life.