Case Studies Using AR

“Drive retail sales with augmented reality”


Increase eCommerce conversion rate & reduce returns.

Integrate Augment into your mobile site or app. Allow your customers to try your entire inventory of products in life-like augmented reality from their homes through their smartphones or tablets.

This real-time augmented reality experience for retail removes the guesswork when shopping online and facilitates the path to purchase.


The endless aisle has arrived. Access your entire product inventory in-store.

Allow your sales team and shoppers to access your entire inventory of products in-store, even products not on the showroom floor. With augmented reality for retail, the in-store experience is no longer limited by physical restraints. You can create a true omnichannel experience for your customers.


Connect your catalogs to your online store

Make your brochures and catalogs interactive. Let customers unlock your entire inventory of products to try at home through a scan of your 2D marketing collateral. Connect your offline marketing to your online stores and close the purchasing loop.